Three Year Limited Warranty

Florestone Molded Shower Receptors, Terrazzo Shower Receptors , Molded Mop Receptors, Utility Sinks, Terrazzo Mop Receptors, Fiberglass Shower Units and Fiberglass Bath Shower Combinations are guaranteed to be free from defective workmanship and material soley caused by Florestone for (3) three years from date of purchase, when the unit is installed by A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL according to the installation instructions, local codes and ordinances.

Any unit reported to Florestone and found to be defective in workmanship and material soley caused by Florestone upon inspection by an authorized Florestone representative will be repaired or exchanged at Florestone’s option without charge.
This warranty is non-transferable and shall be void if the unit is removed from its place of initial installation.  This warranty does not cover shipping damage.  Such damage is the responsibility of the carrier.  The purchaser must open the box and inspect it for damage when it is delivered and, if damage is discovered, should file a freight claim directly with the carrier.  Cost of repair or replacement for damage during shipment shall be paid b the purchaser, who must look to the carrier for reimbursement.

Florestone will not be responsible for labor, transportation or other costs incurred in the removal and or reinstallation of the defective unit.  Florestone will not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damage arising from any cause whatsoever, nor
for damage to the unit produced from outside causes, including but not limited

to the following: improper installation, use of abrasive cleaners, lightning, flood, fire, careless handling, lack of proper cleaning or maintenance of the caulking, or an act of God.

There are no warranties applicable to Florestone  products except as expressly stated herein.  Implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and any other potential warranty are hereby expressly disclaimed and eliminated.  Florestone disclaims any and all liability for defective work or materials provided by the party installing the Florestone unit or any other party.  Florestone is only responsible for its own work completed and materials existing as of the time the unit leaves Florestone’s facility.


To maintain your limited warranty rights,  the Florestone unit should be kept clean and the caulking around the unit should be regularly maintained by the end user.
Modification  alteration to a Florestone unit after it leaves the factory will void all warranties.

Dimension Verifcation:Verify unit dimensions prior to roughing in installation.  Dimensions are subject to change without notice.

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