Florestone Terrazzo
Model 23-2HR Barrier-Free
Shower Receptors


Furnish and install wheelchair accessible terrazzo shower receptor Model 23-2HR as manufactured by Florestone Products Company. Flanges on three sides, cast integral, shall be of galvanized-bonderized steel and shall extend not less than 1" above the shoulders. Shoulders on three sides shall be not less than 2½" inside. Threshold shall be not more than ½" above receptor floor to allow for barrier free entrance. Drain body shall be brass, cast integral, and shall provide for a non-caulked connection not less than one inch deep to a 2" pipe. Removable type stainless steel strainer plate shall be supplied. Receptor shall be manufactured of tan and white marble chips cast in white Portland cement to produce a compressive strength of not less than 3,000 PSI, seven days after casting. Terrazzo surface shall be ground, polished, and the entire unit sealed to resist stains and moisture after any air holes and/or pits are grouted. Receptors reinforced with 16-gauge wire.


Offset drain.
Additional flanges.
(Drawings required)

Dimensions may vary ± ¼ inch. Please check unit before installation.

Place receptor on a minimum ¼" bed of mortaror plaster for warranty compliance.

Model 23-2HR
Barrier free, wheelchair accessible Terrazzo Shower Receptor. Reduced threshold height for wheelchair accessibility.

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Note: Terrazzo is not designed to be used with anything
that is over 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dimensions subject to
change without notice
Contact Florestone Products to
verify product specifications.



International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials File No. 0687.

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