Molded and Terrazzo
Mop Receptors Accessories


(1) MR-370
⅝” Hose, 5' long with clamp.

(2) MR-371
Speakman® Faucet with vacuum braker, double stops and bucket hook with brace. U.S. made.

(3) MR-372
Mop hanger with 3 clamps.

(4) MR-373
Stainless Steel rim guard, #304, 20 gauge, 24" or 36".

Specify length and one (1), two (2), three (3) or four (4) each.
(available on Molded Mop Sinks only)

(5) MR-374
Wedge-Lok® Seal, specify 2" or 3".
(available on Molded Mop Sinks only)

(6) MR-375
Flat strainer, chrome.
(available on Molded Mop Sinks only)

(7) MR-376
Dome strainer, chrome.
(available on Molded Mop Sinks only)

(8) MR-377
Two (2) each 24" panels or
Two (2) each 32" panels or
One (1) 24" panel and
One (1) 36" panel.

Speakman® is a Registered Trademark of Speakman Co.

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